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  1. CTYankee
    August 3, 2010 @ 2:51 pm

    Twenty years of the ADA; Big Fracking Deal!
    As a business man I would like to state that since it’s passage the ADA has not brought ***ONE RED CENT*** into my business.
    I have never been approached in my place of work by a “differently-abled” person seeking a job, nor have any of my sales force even obtained the signature of a “cripple” on a contract — I suppose it’s obvious that the disability I’m referring to is the ability to actually make a purchase!
    What the ADA has done is to deprive me of several hundred square feet of usable office space, and several thousand square feet of parking lot. And for what???
    Let’s see is anyone has the intestinal fortitude to agree with me??? Let’s see if my post get’s deleted and I’m tagged as an insensitive SOB…
    BTW: I wouldn’t mind so much if the “improvements” I’ve been forced to make over the years actually were actually used by someone, but the notion that as a business owner I have to be prepared for an eventuality and that I’m subject to sanction for failing to “bend over”… Well… I hope that readers appreciate the restraint (of language) contained in this post. If you want to know how I *really* feel http://www.barrels_of_boiling_vitriol.com ;^)