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I am a principal of Cellino & Barnes, PC. We are one of the largest personal injury firms in the United States. In our downstate New York offices, including Long Island and Manhattan, we use as our principal telephone number 800-888-8888. In our upstate offices and throughout NYS we use a variety of local area code 888-8888 numbers. We hired Vince LoTempio and his firm to petition the US Patent and Trademark Office seeking trademark status for these numbers. After many months of diligent work, Vince was successful in obtaining trademarks for BOTH of these numbers. Regarding the trademark for 800-888-8888, this is the first time in American history that the US Patent and Trademark office awarded a trademark for any 10 digit telephone number. This result was due to Vince LoTempio’s hard work and professionalism. Obviously, I am very pleased with Vince’s work and expertise, and I would highly recommend Vince and his firm. 

 – Steve Barnes

Mr. LoTempio and his associates currently handle all of a our firms intellectual property matters. They have consistently done excellent and meticulous work, managing to secure our company significant patents in our field (architectural lighting). Highly recommended for their knowledge, expertise and attention to detail. 

 – Rafael Ramirez

Thank you so much for everything you did to get my Etsy shop back. You have no idea how much it means to be able to do business again. In just the week that my Etsy shop has been active again, I’ve been busier than ever with orders. Thank you so much to you and Theresa. If any future problems like this arise (which I hope they don’t), I will use your services again. Thanks again! 

 – Sarah Weingart

I came to Mr. Lo Tempio four years ago to patent a game board I was working on. With his help and guidance I not only was able to copyright and patent the product. He also guided me various resources where I was able to create a business plan. I have now not only launched the product and created a brand for the company but have been working with larger distributors such as Walmart and Toy’s R Us. I could not have done it without the help of Vincent Lo Tempio. He is truly a family man and a good person. 

 – Juliana

Vinnie is not just my attorney, but has also become my friend through this trademarking process. I didn’t know where to turn to protect my intellectual property and was fortunate to find him. I feel very comfortable knowing that Vinnie is a part of my team. When you are Buffalo’s “Wing King”, you need the best. I think I found that person in Vinnie. I would recommend him to anyone with great confidence. 

 – Drew Cerza

I used Vincent LoTempio of Kloss, Stenger, and LoTempio for a patent and a trademark for my company, and specifically, an invention. I was very happy with his detailed understanding of inventor needs. He was really able to put himself in the shoes of an inventor and convey the process in an easy to understand way. He really excelled in the write up of my invention. I was coming from a different patent attorney as they had challenges understanding my invention and product and Vince LoTempio got it immediately. Very friendly, clear and consistent communication, great experience. I’ll be using him and his staff for all of my company needs moving forward.end him to anyone with great confidence.  

 – Timothy

This was my first experience with a patent attorney, and it was very positive – Vincent LoTempio was quite professional regarding my needs as an inventor, quick to learn new terminology, hands-on with every part of the process & very interested in making sure that my design got the attention it needs to get a successful patent application. 

 – Matthew

I can’t say enough about the awesome professionalism and personable atmosphere when dealing with this group. Interesting personal and professional stories that banter back and forth between client and attorney makes one feel comfortable and wanting to come back just to visit!  I can’t thank this group enough for all that they have done to make my visits in their office comfortable, also to legally secure my ideas as well. I have been a client twice with this group and hope to have future adventures with them.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for all that you have done for me. Blessings coming your way.  

 – Victoria DeCarlo

I’m an engineer and one of my concerns was not to communicate the ideas properly to a patent attorney. Luckily after my first meeting with Vincent I was relieved that he not only understood the technicality of the idea but helped me to direct the way the technical concepts should be written for patenting purposes. Highly recommended. Staff very diligent!  

 – Jorge Cueto

I originally hired a Patent Agent who just wasn’t getting the job done. I was then referred to Vince LoTempio who recognized my situation and was willing to work with me. Within a very short period of time he made all the change reccomendations and filed my Patent application… and did so for a fair and reasonable fee…!!!
Thank you Vince…

 – Jim Arnone