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Want to sell your idea or start a business from it? The first step is owning it.  You must have a patent.


Secure your business or invention name, & logo.  Prevent others from profiting off of your image.


Protect your written words, music, & content.  Prevent others from stealing your artistic work.  


  • You need to own your idea to sell it or start a business.
  • Win the race to the patent office.
  • Establish ownership of your good idea.
  • Prevent others from copying your invention idea


  • Protect your name, logo, & design.
  • Establish a public record of ownership.
  • Prevent competitors from using your trademark.
  • Own the exclusive right to use your mark worldwide.


  • Protect the literary works that you have authored.
  • Prevent others from copying and stealing your artwork.
  • Protect the music & words of your songs.
  • Stop others from plagiarizing all of your artistic work.

Invention Help

  • Design, prototype, and manufacture your invention.
  • Market your invention to your target customers.
  • Sell your invention on TV, Amazon, & eCommerce.
  • Turn your invention into a growing business.

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Browse some of our Testimonials or view my segment on the History Channel for the Selfie Stick and you will see success stories of people just like you, who had a great idea, who deserved to profit from it, and did.  I can help you get where you want to go.  Your success is my #1 priority.


We pride ourselves on the highest level of integrity and are bound by state and federal codes of professional responsibility to preserve the confidence and secrets of clients who have employed or seek to employ our services.  We take care to ensure your ideas are never compromised.  


I have an inventor-friendly / entrepreneur-friendly pricing model.  All costs are included in one flat rate.  This avoids excessive hourly rates and also means no surprise legal bills.  When you do a patent search with me, I roll the cost into the cost of your patent application.  The end goal is offering pricing that enables you to pursue your dream and protect what’s yours.  

Areas of Practice

My mission is to help people recognize, protect & profit from their good ideas. As a Registered Patent Attorney in Buffalo, New York, I focus on all aspects of Intellectual Property law. I help inventors, small businesses, and large corporations in patent law, trademark law, copyright law, computer law, eCommerce law, licensing, trade secret & all related matters.


Vincent LoTempio Creates Roadmap For Inventors 

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The information you provide us through this website is confidential and secure. Please be assured that we are bound by both state and federal codes of professional responsibility to preserve the confidences and secrets of our clients who have employed or sought to employ our services. 

  • I originally hired a Patent Agent who just wasn’t getting the job done. I was then referred to Vince LoTempio who recognized my situation and was willing to work with me. Within a very short period of time he made all the change recommendations and filed my Patent application… and did so for a fair and reasonable fee…!!! Thank you Vince… Jim”

  • “Excellent service, attention to detail, personalized approach. We have used Mr. LoTempio on multiple occasions and would certainly not hesitate to engage him again.”

  • Working with Vincent was a pleasure! He made the process simple and was available every step of the way! I am now working with him on a second project. I highly recommend working with him.

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