My mission is to help people recognize, protect and profit from their good ideas. As a Registered Patent Attorney based in Buffalo, New York, I focus on all types of Intellectual Property law. I service independent inventors, small businesses and large corporations in patent law, trademark law, copyright law, computer law, e-commerce law, licensing, trade secret and all related matters.


  • Win the race to the patent office
  • Establish ownership of the idea
  • Stop others from copying your invention
  • Obtain patent pending status to market your idea

file a patent application


  • Protect your business brand name, logo, and design
  • Establish a public record of ownership
  • Prevent anyone from using your trademark
  • Have an exclusive nationwide right to use the mark

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  • Have you written a book?
  • Don’t want anybody to copy your art work?
  • Want the music and words of your songs protected?
  • Want to stop others from plagiarizing your work?

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Safety and Peace of Mind

Please be advised that we are bound by both state and federal codes of professional responsibility to preserve the confidence and secrets of our clients who have employed or sought to employ our services.

We have taken numerous security steps to ensure your ideas are never compromised.

Submissions through this website are much safer than e-mail!


Below is a small sample of some of the feedback our attorneys have recently received.

…down-to-earth understanding of the realities/challenges that face inventors…

Anne Crawford, Marketing/Product Development Consultant

“Vince is a perpetual wellspring of knowledge on many levels — from developments in IP law, to pitfalls to avoid, to strategies, to technological tools, to inspirational anecdotes of inventors that persisted — and succeeded. Vince possesses a combination of extreme intelligence and a down-to-earth understanding of the realities/challenges that face inventors– combined with a sense of integrity second to none and incredible visionary capacity for invention potential. All of Vince’s clients receive VIP treatment regardless of their market success.”

…great client service with quick response…

Gregory Turner, Team Integrity Inc.

“Vin LoTempio has deep and detailed knowledge of US patent, trademark and copyright laws. He and his firm provide great client service with quick response.”

…he cares and is truly honest, which is refreshing nowadays…

Christine Standfest, Extraordinaire Enterprises, Inc.

“I have worked with Vincent LoTempio and his team for over a year now. And I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with his firm. I have gone through several attorneys before finding Vincent, and it has been the most frustrating experience. Vincent has gone above and beyond to help me with all of my endeavors. I can tell you he cares and is truly honest, which is refreshing nowadays.”

…above and beyond…

Sergio Rodriguez, Little Santa Media

“Vincent went above and beyond by connecting Little Santa to other companies that were in the same industry. We look forward to doing more work with Vincent in the future.”