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Vincent LoTempio

Registered Patent Attorney


My mission as an IP Attorney is to help people recognize, protect and profit from their good ideas. As a Registered Patent Attorney based in Buffalo, New York, I focus on all types of Intellectual Property law.

As an IP attorney, I file patent and trademark applications in the United States and abroad. I manage large corporate patent and trademark portfolios, and have established associations with hundreds of Intellectual Property law firms around the world. I have extensive experience in patent and trademark prosecution, patent and trademark infringement litigation, trademark registration and copyright registration.

As a Corporate IP Consultant, I recognize that intellectual property is a highly valuable corporate asset and exploiting that asset to make a profit is paramount to corporate success. While working with corporate management I implement patent, trademark and copyright policies meant to streamline and efficiently centralize the management of the corporation’s intellectual property. I train corporate employees to identify intellectual property and maintain proper records in template corporate disclosure documents to preserve intellectual property rights.

I organize an IP committee comprised from selected members of corporate management to periodically review the corporate disclosure documents with the inventors to determine the feasibility of manufacturing, marketing and most importantly return on investment (ROI). I oversee implementing the strategy of protecting the company’s intellectual property by obtaining patent protection, by maintaining the technology as a trade secret or the implementation some other strategy such as setting up a defensive publication to shield the company from litigation.

As an Inventor Consultant, I analyze new inventions to determine feasibility of patentability and commercialization. Inventors are often interested in entering into licensing agreements to profit from their invention. Our office acts as a broker of royalty deals by establishing contact with manufacturers and marketers positioned to bring new products to the national market. We also engage in the preparation of licensing/royalty agreements.

I have appeared on History Channels’ “Million Dollar Genius” as the inventor consultant for Wayne Fromm, inventor of the Quikpod; or better known as the “Selfie Stick”.  

As a Lecturer on the topic of IP management for businesses and corporations I teach corporate employees (for example, research and development, manufacturing, marketing departments and corporate management) how to identify and protect valuable Intellectual Property such as patentable subject matter.

As an author, my Blog is a robust resource for info regarding intellectual property law and other interesting stuff. The ever-changing complexities of the law concerning intellectual property make it difficult for practitioners and inventors alike to stay abreast of the latest law and news. In the Blog you can find interesting and valuable articles containing information regarding changes in the law and trends in the IP community.

As a Book author, I co-wrote “Patent Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers,” Third Edition, which teaches how to identify intellectual property and to protect it using patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret law. The book takes the reader from an idea’s conception through the steps of patent protection.

As a  guest columnist for the Buffalo Business First and Buffalo Law Journal, I have written articles about inventors, judges and trends in intellectual property law and invention development.

As a person, my style is informal and approachable. I have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful, patient and supportive wife who puts up with all my idiosyncrasies.

I’m a sports nut and enthusiastic fan of the Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills and the NY Yankees which I will blog about from time to time.

I am an amputee; in 1972 I lost my right hand in an accident. Despite having the use of only one hand I have played on varsity high school and college sports teams. Thus, I have a personal interest in ADA legislation and innovation in science and technology with regard to prosthetic devices. I plan on writing about new prosthetic innovations, legal, practical and motivational issues involving amputees.

Today I stay active by participating in tennis, ice hockey and swimming. I am always in the middle of reading one or two books, and so I plan on reviewing many different types of books as part of my blog experience.





Thomas M. Cooley Law School & Buffalo Alumni Group


New York State Senate


Erie County Legislature


Business First of Buffalo


Business First of Buffalo

Vinnie is not just my attorney, but has also become my friend through this trademarking process. I didn’t know where to turn to protect my intellectual property and was fortunate to find him. I feel very comfortable knowing that Vinnie is a part of my team.. 

 – Drew Cerza


Vincent LoTempio Creates Roadmap For Inventors 

 – Buffalo Business First

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Case Examples

Patent Granted

  • System and method for a bone engaging dental implant surgical stent placement system

Patent Granted

  • Device for adapting toy roadway track and bricks

Patent Granted

  • A method and process for effectively purging desiccant air dryer systems from moisture load, by a `deep cooling` regeneration means with the use of a primary high heating and a secondary low heating blower purge air flows, a heater discharge temperature set point, and a bottom area bed temperature of a vessel containing desiccant.

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