Washington Wine and a Wealth of Knowledge

This year’s annual Wine, Beer and Spirit Law Conference was at the exquisite Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC. The two day conference last week entertained current legal issues and trends in the alcohol beverage industry as well as guidance from legal and financial experts and TTBport city ale affiliates.

It also offered the opportunity for attendees to, raise questions, engage discussions and to enjoy tasting a variety beers at the end of the first day while socializing with colleagues and friends.

The Beer tasting was sponsored by the Port City Brewing Company.

My colleague Vin LoTempio and I were tremendously impressed with the program and the professionalism in which the conference was presented.

We met many fabulous and brilliant individuals who understand the demands of the industry and the concerns of those in it to provide a successful product that is in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.

A special thank you to the faculty and those who assisted in the exceptional execution of the program.

Like a fine wine, the conference offered quality, and inspired a lingering appreciation and a thirst for more. See you next year!

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