Buffalo State Physics Student aspires to become Patent Litigator

If one hundred students were asked what their most significant accomplishment over the last year was, capturing the curvature of the Earth on an HD camera would most certainly be an aberration.

But that is exactly what SUNY Buffalo State Physics student Edward J. Bryant did for a seemingly routine final course project.earth curce

The most successful parts of the mission included launching a balloon to 100,000 ft which broke multiple height records for Western New York universities and capturing the curvature of the Earth (see image above).

Bengal Space Launch achieved its experimental objectives with a little help from corporate and state funded sponsors. The entire launch was documented on the YouTube clip below.

Originally from the Bronx, N.Y., Mr. Bryant found his way to Buffalo to not only study physics at a state university, but also to develop and procure a professional network outside of New York City and to set the foundation to achieve his dream of becoming an Intellectual Property (IP) litigator.

“I understand that the journey from student to patent litigator will require focus and dedication, but how can you enjoy the rewards of life if you didn’t work hard enough to get there!” says Edward.

Edward, will be a senior in the fall of 2014 and will apply to law school in 2015. His proclivity for the analysis of the obvious will be essential for his success in law school.

Contemporary patent, trademark and copyright infringement issues require IP attorneys to have an acute ability to explain the complexities of disputed patents in layman’s terms, while simultaneously being able to argue the merits of the law to a judge and or jury.

Physics requires an incredible degree of critical thinking skills and superimposed with a superb legal education, will be an excellent foundation to a career as an exceptional patent litigator. Good luck Edward!