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Vincent LoTempio

My mission as an IP Attorney is to help people recognize, protect and profit from their good ideas. As a Registered Patent Attorney based in Buffalo, New York, I focus on all types of Intellectual Property law. As an IP attorney, I file patent and trademark applications in the United States and abroad. I manage large corporate patent and trademark portfolios, and have established associations with hundreds of Intellectual Property law firms around the world. I have extensive experience in patent and trademark prosecution, patent and trademark infringement litigation, trademark registration and copyright registration. Call me TOLL FREE: 1-800-866-0039 to protect your idea today. LoTempio Law Website File A Patent File A Trademark File A Copyright YouTube Twitter

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  1. PatentPending
    May 20, 2010 @ 11:17 am

    Don’t take patent applications overly serious in the sense that the overwhelming majority of the inventions described in them never become commerically available or successful. It could very well be that they filed this just to cover themselves and get a share of the Intellectual Property for such a concept and they may never actually build or sell it even though someone else (a competitor) may build and sell it. Also, the claims of the patent are what’s important and what Sony will actually have protection on. Not everything discussed in the application is protected. I would gamble that these concepts you pointed out have already been patented or described in other patents.