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“Ask the Patent Attorney” Series

You can ask any question about patents and we will discuss it on next week’s show!

  1. First Things First – What is the first thing an inventor should do to protect a new idea? What is patentable subject matter? Plus many other issues inventors should be aware of.
  2. Is a Patent Necessary? Chris Norwood from Sapulpa, OK asks: “I have an idea on a new trendy bracelet design. My goal is to license it to a company who creates and sales trendy products. I have made a prototype, a video presentation, and have gotten some great feedback from potential buyers who have seen my video. Is a patent necessary? What should my next steps be to reach a licensing agreement?”
  3. What makes an idea patentable? Is it a new, useful and non-obvious improvement? Through explanation and example what is “non-obvious”? What is “prior art”?
  4. Why is a search the first step in the patent process? What rights do you get from a patent? Can you give an explanation and example of why something made up of patented parts can still be eligible for patent protection? And what are the different types patentable subject matter?

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  1. Patent Protection – With You Every Step of the Way
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  3. Why Do You Need A Patent?
  4. Working Together Long Distance


  1. Provisional Patent Application
  2. Utility Patent Protection
  3. How to Patent an Invention PatentHome’s -What do you know about patents?- series. This episode discusses the steps inventors must take to file a patent application.
  4. How to Sell an Idea PatentHome’s -What do you know about patents?- series. This episode discusses the steps inventors must take to get a product to market. First, you must document your idea and keep it secret. Next, talk to a patent attorney about protecting your idea. Once you are protected, you are then in a position to market and-or license your product.
  5. Legal Basis for Patents PatentHome’s -What do you know about patents?- series. This episode takes a look at the constitutional provision that authorizes Congress to establish the patent and copyright systems in the United States.


  1. Yahoo! vs. Facebook Patent Lawsuit PatentHome attorney Vincent LoTempio shares his thoughts on the Facebook/Yahoo! legal battle with our friends over at LexBlog. Mr. LoTempio explains the Facebook vs. Yahoo! lawsuit, including why Yahoo! waited so long to file suit and whether or not this is worthy of so much time and effort.
  2. Cush (synthetic cannibus) vs. Crush (soda) Patent and trademark attorney Vincent LoTempio of PatentHome comments regarding the trademark ramifications of the case of trademark infringement of Orange crush by Cush (a synthetic cannabis).
  3. Patent Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers, 3rd Edition is published and available. PatentHome attorney Vincent LoTempio is co-author of newest book documenting the changes in the US patent system.