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Utility Patent Overview – File a Patent Application For Your Invention

The patent law attorneys at PatentHome have created a new, affordable way to file a patent application for your invention.

First, obtain your Free Professional Consultation

Answer our simple online questionnaire and an experienced patent attorney will review your invention, answer your legal questions, and provide you with an initial phone consultation and assessment. Once completed, you will have the option to have us preform a comprehensive patent search of existing US patents.

The objective of any preliminary patentability search is to discover issued “prior art” – United States patents or published patent applications which are similar to the invention being investigated so that a judgment can be made as to the potential for obtaining patent protection.

Next, File Your Utility Patent Application

A registered patent professional will draft a legal invention description of the professional drawings and file your utility patent application. Our licensed patent attorneys deliver quality service at an affordable price. The trusted attorneys and agents at PatentHome have helped thousands of inventors protect their ideas, and would be honored to help you as well.

Your package includes:

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  • Expert patent writing and preparation
  • One-on-one professional patent consultation
  • Electronic Filing with the USPTO


Patent Pricing

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  • Patent Phone Consultation – FREE
  • Comprehensive Patent Search – $250
  • Patentability Opinion – $500
  • Patent Filing Package – $2,800
  • Get more pricing details


Patent Frequently Asked Questions