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Provisional Patent Application Overview

The patent attorneys at PatentHome have created a new, affordable way to file a provisional patent application for your invention.

Free Professional Consultation

We will answer your initial questions immediately during your first phone consultation. Submit our simple online questionnaire and an experienced patent attorney will review your invention and set up a phone conference with you. We will help you make the decision as to whether or not to file a provisional or non-provisional patent application.

File Your Provisional Patent Application

Don’t be fooled by other web-based legal service plans that offer to file a provisional patent application for a minimal amount of money. Independent inventors and startups focus too much on the “costs less” part while missing the bigger picture.

People think that a provisional application can be quickly filed because the rules don’t require all the formalities of a non-provisional application. While this may be true, if the disclosure of the invention in the provisional application is not legally sufficient when compared to the later filed non-provisional, the early filing date will be lost.

The filing date is critical in the new “first to file” system.

A registered patent professional will draft and file a provisional patent application that has the necessary detailed legal description of invention.

Get started on your Provisional Application for Patent today!

Filling out the Questionnaire is free. There is no time limit. At the end, you may decide whether or not to purchase.

Our licensed patent attorneys deliver quality service at an affordable price.

The trusted attorneys and agents at PatentHome have helped thousands of inventors protect their ideas, and would be honored to help you as well.

Your package includes:

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  • Expert patent writing and preparation
  • One-on-one professional patent consultation
  • Electronic Filing with the USPTO


Provisional Patent Pricing

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  • Patent Phone Consultation – FREE
  • Comprehensive Patent Search – $250
  • Patentability Opinion – $500
  • Provisional Patent Filing Package – $1,500
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Provisional Patent Frequently Asked Questions