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File a patent application now:

  • Protect your invention, its marketability and its profitability
  • Prevent others from making, using or distributing your product
  • Be the “first to file” a patent application on your product
  • Ensure your right to label your product “patent pending”


If you can describe how to make and use your invention, we can help you protect it!

PatentHome is a group of experienced patent attorneys and patent agents that provides inventors with a seamless online way to be the first to file a patent application. The trusted attorneys and agents at PatentHome have helped thousands of inventors protect their ideas, and would be honored to help you as well.

Patent reform is here. The new changes to the US Patent Rules can change your rights immediately. Now more than ever it is vitally important to file a patent application on your invention as quickly as possible. The new rules change everything. The first inventor to file a patent application will have priority over all others.

Inventors have to win the race to the patent office. We have created an online system to make filing a patent easier than it ever has been. Be the first to file.

We understand that filing a patent application is a daunting process, which is why we will personally be there with you every step of the way. We will draft your patent in such a way that gives you the broadest possible protection. We draft quality patent applications.

Don’t be taken advantage of by other online patent services which limit you to a small number of claims or pages of content. Beware of patent submission companies claiming offer “all inclusive” patent services, only to hit you with hidden fees at a later point in time.

At PatentHome, there are never any hidden fees.


File a Utility Patent

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If you have a new idea, don’t let anyone claim it first. Our patent attorneys offer a new, fast and easy way to file a non-provisional patent application for your invention at a flat fee.


File a Design Patent

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File an application for a design patent to protect the novel appearance (but not the function) of manufactured items – such as kitchen products, bottles and clothing. We can help you apply for a design patent – quickly and at a reasonable cost.


File a Provisional Patent

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Filing a Provisional Patent Application is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to start the patent process. A filed Provisional Patent Application saves a filing date for a utility patent application and allows you to label your invention “Patent Pending.”


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