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The patent attorneys here at PatentHome are proud to announce the publication of Patent Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers, Third Edition.

This book teaches inventors, scientists and corporate managers how to understand the patent process and how to identify and protect their patentable ideas.

The third edition maps out and explains in easy to understand terms the newly enacted patent laws covered by the America Invents Act.

Each chapter includes a detailed analysis and description of the new laws. Also new figures and case studies have been added.

  • This book is a concise and practical guide to obtaining exclusive rights to an invention
  • It is an easy guide to understanding the complex patent system
  • Provides a check list of changes brought about by the America Invents Act
  • Provides a vocabulary list of legal patent terms
  • Covers international aspects of patent law/patent protection
  • Includes a chapter on the Canadian patent system


Purchase Directly From Our Publisher, CRC Press:

Patent Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers