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Broadest possible protection

We will answer your initial questions immediately during your first phone consultation.

We draft quality trademark applications. Don’t be taken advantage of by other online trademark companies claiming to offer “all inclusive” trademark services, only to hit you with hidden fees at a later point in time.

Trademark Application

The goal is to reach a decision regarding the potential for obtaining trademark protection for a new trademark before you invest time and money into trying to apply for a registration that will be rejected.

The first step in the trademark application process is to conduct a comprehensive trademark search. A trademark registration application can be rejected if there are registered trademarks that are “confusingly similar” or phonetic equivalents.

$250 discount off the price of filing a trademark application for previously obtaining a search and opinion prepared by Vincent LoTempio

A comprehensive trademark search includes:

  • Phone consultation with trademark attorney
  • A detailed search report and an electronic copy of all trademarks and trademark applications found in the search
  • A reasoned legal opinion of the chances of success for registration

Conduct a Comprehensive Trademark Search

The second step is to discuss legal issues one-on-one with an attorney experienced in trademark law.

Vincent LoTempio will answer your questions and to instruct you as to what actions you should take before filing the application.

The third step is to fill out the form and file the application

For a flat fee we will provide all of the following services:

  • Phone consultation with attorney Vincent G. LoTempio
  • Prepare and file your trademark application
  • Track your trademark application
  • Respond to non-substantive office actions
  • Mail the trademark registration certificate to you

File your trademark application now