Interview with Inventor Debbie Sullivan of Kae & Cami

Kae & Cami

Inventor Debbie Sullivan will be appearing on My Cool Inventions on Halloween, Monday, October 31st for her patented magnetic accessory line, Kae & Cami. Named for her two daughters, Kaelyn and Camryn, Kae & Cami is a collection of design hearts and interchangeable magnetic jewelry attachments which are worn with a variety of apparel including scarves, T-shirts, […]

What Exactly is a Patent Troll? What Should You Do if You Come Across One..

What is a Patent Troll? A company or person that acquires large amounts of patents while having no desire to develop products. Instead of development, these entities file patent infringement lawsuits against parties who violate the patents.   A patent troll’s sole purpose is to identify infringers and engage in litigation. Why Should You Beware of […]

Injection Molding: why it’s a useful tool


When looking for the best way to create parts in the fastest and efficient way possible I found several different possible solutions. There is only one that combines a low cost, short time frame and ease of use; this led me to my discovery of Injection Molding. This is a quick way to produce quality […]

Can you patent your own idea for free? A Poor Man’s Patent


Since I’ve began working for a registered patent attorney I have been bombarded with family and friends “million dollar” ideas and inventions. Recently I was asked by my uncle if a poor man’s patent is a legit way to protect his idea. For those of you who are not familiar with it, a “poor man’s […]

LoTempio law merges with Patenthome

idea law

Are you looking for a patent attorney or a trademark attorney? I’m Vin LoTempio an attorney registered with the US Patent and Trademark office. After a few years of having the LoTempio law blog,  Youtube Channel and website located at separate webpages with the help of the Mac Groups it has all been merged into this one […]

LoTempio Patent client makes deal on “Shark Tank”

barbara corcoran

Inventor and entrepreneur Frank Scozzafava of Mix Bikini designs, manufactures and markets interchangeable reversible bikinis. Frank is also a client of Kloss, Stenger and LoTempio. Frank was on the CNBC nationally televised show Shark Tank and was lucky enough to make a deal to help finance his Mix Bikini idea. Shark Tank is a business-themed […] to give $5 million to startup busineses


As part of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s $1 billion high-profile bid to turn the Buffalo Niagara region’s economy around, 43North business launched a global business plan competition that is going to give out $5 million in prizes to attract entrepreneurs with the best ideas for starting a new business. America’s richest and most ambitious business […]

Patentability and the Issue of Obviousness


What exactly is obvious? Patent attorneys and independent inventors alike are aware of the standards of patentability; the invention must be (1) new, (2) useful, and (3) non-obvious. Common sense dictates the first two standards of patentability. To be new and useful, an invention must solve an existing problem in a manner which has not […]

USPTO now allows full patent downloads


The USPTO announced on Friday that it has upgraded the Patent Full Text and Image Database to PDF-file formatted images instead of TIFF images. All I can say is that it’s about time. For as long as I can remember the United States Patent and Trademark Office webpage was archaic and very difficult to work […]