Trademark Protection:

More than filling out a form

There are many legal issues to consider when filing a trademark application, tradmark registration entails more than just filling out a form. Our attorneys give sound legal advice as to the actions you need to take prior to filing the trademark application.

Our attorneys advise our clients of the best way to file so as to maximize protection and to optimize their business situation. We will prepare and file your application for you. Each application is unique.

Legal advice without getting the law firm hourly rate bill. File a Trademark application for a Flat fee.


File a trademark application now:

  • Protect your business brand name, logo, and design
  • Establish a public record of ownership
  • Prevent anyone from using your trademark
  • Have an exclusive nationwide right to use the mark
We have taken numerous security steps to ensure your ideas are never compromised. Submissions through PatentHome are much safer than e-mail!
  • The confidentiality of your idea is of the utmost importance to us. Please be advised that we are bound by both state and federal codes of professional responsibility to preserve the confidences and secrets of our clients who have employed or sought to employ our services.
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Remember that PatentHome does more than just fill out a Trademark application form.

For a Flat fee an experinced tradmark attorney will provide all of the following services:

  • Comprehensive Trademark Search
  • Opinion Letter with Search Results
  • Phone Consultation with Attorney Vincent G. Lo Tempio
  • Prepare and File Your Trademark Application
  • Track Your Trademark Application
  • Respond to non-Substantive Office Actions
  • Mail the Trademark Registration Certificate to you

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