Biotechnology and the Independent Inventor: Experiments


Guest Blogger: Patent Attorney David Stephenson This is the first part in a series discussing issues facing the independent inventor in the field of biotechnology. In the field of biotechnology, the USPTO often requires that a patent applicant provide experimental data to demonstrate that the invention works as claimed. To obtain a patent, inventors in […]

LoTempio Patent client makes deal on “Shark Tank”

barbara corcoran

Inventor and entrepreneur Frank Scozzafava of Mix Bikini designs, manufactures and markets interchangeable reversible bikinis. Frank is also a client of Kloss, Stenger and LoTempio. Frank was on the CNBC nationally televised show Shark Tank and was lucky enough to make a deal to help finance his Mix Bikini idea. Shark Tank is a business-themed […]

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice: A Comprehensive Review- Book Review


Trademark law is a staple of any intellectual property attorney’s practice, and should be a topic most independent inventors or business owners are at least familiar with. It is highly likely therefore that these parties will at some point in their ventures have to deal with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), either to […]

Ask the patent attorney series

ask the patent attorney

Recently, I’ve been working on a new website designed to help inventors. The website is called Ever since I started blogging at LoTempiolaw I’ve been learning more and more about social networking and search engine optimization and in an effort to increase the traffic on the webpage I purchased a high definition camera and […]

Interview With PTIS Co-founder Brian Wagner


One of the things I enjoy about law blogging is my opportunity to interview thought leaders in the intellectual property arena. Recently I had the opportunity to be introduced to Brian Wagner who is a co-founder of a company called “Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions“(PTIS). PTIS is a group of “Global Management and Packaging Consultants.” […]

Patent Reform Act of 2011…Finally Passed Into Law?


Is patent reform really going to happen in June 2011? All indications are that the ongoing patent reform legislation–that has been bantered about for nearly 10 years and presented to lawmakers in five Congressional cycles–is going to be passed this month by the House of Representatives. The US Senate passed its version of patent reform, […]