What Exactly is a Patent Troll? What Should You Do if You Come Across One..

What is a Patent Troll? A company or person that acquires large amounts of patents while having no desire to develop products. Instead of development, these entities file patent infringement lawsuits against parties who violate the patents.   A patent troll’s sole purpose is to identify infringers and engage in litigation. Why Should You Beware of […]

Can you patent your own idea for free? A Poor Man’s Patent


Since I’ve began working for a registered patent attorney I have been bombarded with family and friends “million dollar” ideas and inventions. Recently I was asked by my uncle if a poor man’s patent is a legit way to protect his idea. For those of you who are not familiar with it, a “poor man’s […]

A Graphic History of Patent Law


A Graphic History of Patent Law by University of Southern California We post a lot about modern patent law issues, but sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of the origins of patent law and its long, rich history. Recently, the University of Southern California put together a helpful […]

The Library of New York Civil Discovery Forms


About the Book The “Library of New York Civil Discovery Forms” by the New York Law Journal Press, is a useful, time-saving, and no-nonsense resource that any attorney would be wise to have in their office. The Book’s 14 Chapters explore areas of civil discovery including: Authorizations Subpoenas Discovery Demands and Responses Discovery Objections Depositions, […]

World’s poorest countries get 8 yrs grace on IP rules


Negotiators have been locked in talks in Geneva discussing giving the poorest countries in the world an additional eight years in which to adhere to international intellectual property laws as set out by the WTO. These rules affect a whole raft of trademark, copyright and patent laws pertaining to reading material, technological products, drugs and […]

New Intellectual Property Enforcement Advisory Committees Created by Obama


President Obama issued on February 8, 2011 an Executive Order called “The Establishment of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Advisory Committees,” establishing two intellectual property enforcement advisory committees designed to improve the Federal Government’s intellectual property enforcement efforts. The Enforcement Advisory Committee shall develop a Strategic Plan as provided for in title III of the PRO […]

Patent Law Reform Act of 2010: Interview with Congressman Lee


What is happening with regard to the Patent Reform Act of 2010? Recently I asked this and other questions to first term Congressman Chris Lee, who represents New York’s 26th Congressional District. I think it’s important to note that Chris Lee, true to his pro-entrepreneurial stance, has taken the initiative to advocate for Research and […]