Inventors answer important questions when filing a patent

The risks of not using Chair Locks

Inventors, Tom and Claudia Salerno of Safe to Grow and creators of “Chair Locks” answer important questions that relate to every inventor when looking to patent. •What is the name of business and where are you located? Safe to Grow by Salerno Designs LLC located in East Concord NY •What are you trying to accomplish? […]

Get the latest legal insights at Primary Opinion

Martin Burke

One of the things I enjoy about law blogging is my opportunity to interview thought leaders in the law. Recently I interviewed Martin Burke who is CEO of Primary Opinion Limited. Primary Opinion is the host for a webpage that strives to present a platform “for the latest legal insights direct from lawyers worldwide.” Here is the interview: […]

Interview with Children’s Author B.G. Hennessy


B.G. Hennessy is a critically acclaimed author of children’s books. Besides publishing her own original stories, Hennessy serves as the primary creator of the Don Freeman series Corduroy the Bear. After studying book design at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Hennessy worked in children’s book publishing in New York City for 17 years as a […]

Buffalo State Physics Student aspires to become Patent Litigator

If one hundred students were asked what their most significant accomplishment over the last year was, capturing the curvature of the Earth on an HD camera would most certainly be an aberration. But that is exactly what SUNY Buffalo State Physics student Edward J. Bryant did for a seemingly routine final course project. The most […]

Interview with Wine Expert Rebecca Christie

savory sips

Recently, Barbara A. Piazza and I had the opportunity to meet with Rebecca Christie, the proprietor of “Savory Sips,” an exclusive wine store located in the heart of Lewiston, New York. During our visit Rebecca shared her vast knowledge of the wine industry. She spoke of the wonderful wineries along the Niagara Wine Trail and […]

Intellectual Property Licensing: Forms and Analysis

intellectual_property_licensing_forms_and (1)

Licensing out Intellectual property can turn into a bit of a headache for even the most experienced patent attorney, let alone an independent inventor. Richard Raysman, Seth Ostrow, Kenneth Adler and Edward Pisacreta tackled this issue in their book Intellectual Property Licensing: Forms and Analysis. When asked about the purpose behind writing the book, author […]