What Exactly is a Patent Troll? What Should You Do if You Come Across One..

What is a Patent Troll? A company or person that acquires large amounts of patents while having no desire to develop products. Instead of development, these entities file patent infringement lawsuits against parties who violate the patents.   A patent troll’s sole purpose is to identify infringers and engage in litigation. Why Should You Beware of […]

Injection Molding: why it’s a useful tool


When looking for the best way to create parts in the fastest and efficient way possible I found several different possible solutions. There is only one that combines a low cost, short time frame and ease of use; this led me to my discovery of Injection Molding. This is a quick way to produce quality […]

Blogging Gone Wrong


Blogging is all fun and games until you plagiarize someone else’s work. I’m sure we all learned this after our first research paper. For me it was 5th grade after Ms. Russo (RIP) handed back my research paper on Alcatraz. I’ve never seen so much red ink on a paper in my life! Clearly I […]

Six Steps to a Patent Search


 Six Steps to a Patent Search Keywords: Before I begin my search I must make a through and detailed list of keywords that will best describe my invention. Keywords will include different variations of the object. Conduct a CPC: CPC refers to Cooperative Patent Classification and will scan results based off the keywords that I inputted. […]

Copyright ownership of ‘Happy Birthday’ song is dismissed!


Copyright ownership of ‘Happy Birthday’ song is dismissed! After recently celebrating a special attorney’s birthday here in the office I felt it was only appropriate to blog about one of the most well known songs still sung today by people all over the world. Ever notice when you celebrate a birthday at a restaurant the […]

Can you patent your own idea for free? A Poor Man’s Patent


Since I’ve began working for a registered patent attorney I have been bombarded with family and friends “million dollar” ideas and inventions. Recently I was asked by my uncle if a poor man’s patent is a legit way to protect his idea. For those of you who are not familiar with it, a “poor man’s […]

LoTempio Patent client makes deal on “Shark Tank”

barbara corcoran

Inventor and entrepreneur Frank Scozzafava of Mix Bikini designs, manufactures and markets interchangeable reversible bikinis. Frank is also a client of Kloss, Stenger and LoTempio. Frank was on the CNBC nationally televised show Shark Tank and was lucky enough to make a deal to help finance his Mix Bikini idea. Shark Tank is a business-themed […]

Buffalo State Physics Student aspires to become Patent Litigator

If one hundred students were asked what their most significant accomplishment over the last year was, capturing the curvature of the Earth on an HD camera would most certainly be an aberration. But that is exactly what SUNY Buffalo State Physics student Edward J. Bryant did for a seemingly routine final course project. The most […]