Patent Wars III: Return of the iPhone

In the most recent iteration of the titanic intellectual property battle between technology giants Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics, apple took home a $290 million jury verdict. The case (Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (.PDF), centered on Samsung’s alleged infringement of six of Apple’s patents (U.S. Patent Nos. 7,469,381; 7,844,915; 7,864,163; D604,305; and […]

Jack Daniel’s Defends Trademark in Recent Case


Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey has recently taken to the courts to defend their trademark rights. Jack Daniels believes an independent brewer selling “Popcorn Sutton’s White Whiskey”, has infringed on their trademark rights, in particular the trade dress of Jack Daniels signature whiskey bottle. It is important to note that trade dress (the packaging or labeling […]

Trademarking Wine Goes Beyond Brand Names


Registering a trademark can be vital to competing in the competition laden world of wine making. In fact, trademarks expand well beyond the wine industry into the alcohol industry as a whole. Because registered marks are so important to alcohol-based companies, they are always on the lookout for other producers who may be infringing on […]

Recent Settlement Spells Trouble for Patent Trolls


Due to a recent settlement agreement with the Minnesota Attorney General, patent troll MPHJ Technology Investments, LLC has stopped enforcing specific patents within the State of Minnesota. The patents in question taught a commonly used method of the using basic office equipment to scan documents into e-mail. “Patent trolls shake down small businesses to pay […]

World’s poorest countries get 8 yrs grace on IP rules


Negotiators have been locked in talks in Geneva discussing giving the poorest countries in the world an additional eight years in which to adhere to international intellectual property laws as set out by the WTO. These rules affect a whole raft of trademark, copyright and patent laws pertaining to reading material, technological products, drugs and […]

UB Intellectual Property Seminar


As a Buffalo New York patent attorney I often travel throughout Western New York to attend seminars having to do with patents and trademarks. Last week I went to a seminar at the University of Buffalo TCIE. The Center for Industrial Effectiveness, UB TCIE serves businesses of all types and  sizes through technical engineering, consulting and […]

Kodak Seeks to Profit from Patent Portfolio


Eastman Kodak Company announced that it is “exploring strategic alternatives related to its digital imaging patent portfolios, a move reflecting the current heightened market demand for intellectual property.” Does this mean they’re going to try to leverage their patent portfolio against other competitors in lawsuits? Can you say “patent troll”? Some people think that maybe […]

Interview With PTIS Co-founder Brian Wagner


One of the things I enjoy about law blogging is my opportunity to interview thought leaders in the intellectual property arena. Recently I had the opportunity to be introduced to Brian Wagner who is a co-founder of a company called “Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions“(PTIS). PTIS is a group of “Global Management and Packaging Consultants.” […]

Interview with Creative Director Reagan Burns


When starting a new business one of the first things that needs to be done is to create a brand. Branding establishes the first impression that your target audience has of your business. Existing businesses sometimes need to re-create their brand. I once asked an attorney “why does the public perceive you as the best […]