Ask The Patent Attorney offers free patent search

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been filming new episodes of Ask the Patent Attorney. I have been looking for input and questions from inventors to fill new shows. 

We are going to film this week and I am looking for inventors to make comments below or email me questions and I will answer questions that most inventors share in the next episode.

As an incentive to get inventors to ask questions to use on the show we are offering a free patent search to anyone who asks questions that we use on an episode of Ask the Patent Attorney. 

We intend to film four episodes in the next shooting on Saturday, so will give away 4 free patentability searches.

If you have an invention you’re looking to patent and want to know whether or not your idea is out there already this is a chance to get a professional search by a patent attorney for free.

In this episode the patent attorney discusses these topics:

  • The new patent rules…First inventor to file
  • Provisional patent application vs. non-provisional patent.
  • Patent pending.
  • Cost of filing a patent application.

Please ask any patent question and the patent attorney will answer it on a future show!


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