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As a Buffalo New York patent attorney I often travel throughout Western New York to attend seminars having to do with patents and trademarks. Last week I went to a seminar at the University of Buffalo TCIE.Thomas Colson

The Center for Industrial Effectiveness, UB TCIE serves businesses of all types and  sizes through technical engineering, consulting and training.

The seminar was entitled Intellectual Property Breakfast Seminar: what every business and technical leader needs to know. It was a seminar presented by Thomas Colson CEO of Executive IP.

I thought it was a worthwhile seminar that would benefit both inventors and business professionals.

Tom is a master at teaching the basic fundamentals of intellectual property law. He presents the material in such a way that it goes beyond the basic transfer of information by simply supplying definitions of legal terms.

Colson is entertaining and engaging and the information is passed on using hypothetical real business scenarios that are interesting and informative.TCIE University at Buffalo

Each table worked as a group to solve real life business IP problems. The goal of each group was to identify intellectual property and decide what action if any should be taken by the executive of the business to protect and profit from the company’s intellectual property.

Just talking to the other business leaders in the group I could tell that each participant was truly interested in learning how they could benefit from intellectual property education and that they found it beneficial.

Even though I have a pretty good grasp on the basic fundamentals of patent law this seminar helped direct me to understand how important it is for business executives to be able to identify and profit from their intellectual property.

Executive IP provides web-based and onsite, business-oriented education, bundled as a certification program, on the fundamentals of intellectual property. This certification program is offered in multiple short courses provided through the University of Buffalo.

To be part of the conversation, we must have a basic knowledge of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade-secrets, licensing, patent trolls, defensive publishing, and other critical forms and tactics of IP. Tom Colson

But, we don’t need to be experts. We simply need understand the basics. We need to know just enough to reduce our risks and see opportunities.Executive IP

The goal of Executive IP’s certification program is to increase IP-awareness among the business sector, technical sector, legal sector, and university sector by delivering core IP information and practical know-how in using IP knowledge that is essential to advancing business goals.”



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