U.S. Patent Office opening in Detroit, Michigan

The first-ever U.S. Patent and Trademark Office satellite center outside Washington, D.C. just-opened in Detroit, Michigan.

While, the America Invents Act (AIA) mandated that at least three satellite patent offices have to be opened the USPTO will open four new offices.

The Detroit satellite office is the first of four geographic areas selected by the USPTO.

The USPTO announced the Elijah J. McCoy Detroit Office will staffed by 120 skilled patent employees who’s goal will be to help inventors file patent applications and reduce the backlog of patent applications and appeals by speeding up the overall patent process.

Recently Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) David Kappos announced the plan to open four additional regional US patent offices that will “speed up the patent process and help American businesses innovate, grow, and create jobs.”

The regional USPTO offices will be in

  • Dallas, Texas,
  • Denver, Colorado,
  •  and Silicon Valley, California.

The four offices will function as hubs of innovation and creativity, helping protect and foster American innovation in the global marketplace.

The regional offices were selected based upon

geographical diversity, regional economic impact, potential ability to recruit and retain employees, ability to engage the intellectual property community, and extensive public comment. The Detroit area is home to Fortune 500 companies, large law firms, and outstanding research institutions, and boasts a low cost of living and skilled talent pool.

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