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Interview with Creative Director Reagan Burns


When starting a new business one of the first things that needs to be done is to create a brand. Branding establishes the first impression that your target audience has of your business. Existing businesses sometimes need to re-create their brand. I once asked an attorney “why does the public perceive you as the best […]

Jeopardy IBM Challenge


Watching the former Jeopardy champions versus Watson the IBM super computer makes you wonder how far innovation will take us in the future. Can a computer think like a man? Here IBM made a computer that can speak and understand language and the nuances of questions like those that are asked on Jeopardy. But can […]

New Intellectual Property Enforcement Advisory Committees Created by Obama


President Obama issued on February 8, 2011 an Executive Order called “The Establishment of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Advisory Committees,” establishing two intellectual property enforcement advisory committees designed to improve the Federal Government’s intellectual property enforcement efforts. The Enforcement Advisory Committee shall develop a Strategic Plan as provided for in title III of the PRO […]

Inventors Hall of Fame: Wright Brothers


Orville and Wilbur Wright, American inventors and aviation pioneers, achieved the first manned, powered sustained, and controlled flight of an airplane without any assistance at takeoff. Orville Wright Born August 19, 1871 – Died, January 30, 1948 Invention: Flying-Machine  Airplane- First Flight, December 17, 1903 Patent Number 821,393 Inducted to National Inventors Hall of Fame™ […]